Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Illinois Joining the Lemmings

Today, the news broke that legislation to legalize homosexual marriage in Illinois had passed the Democratic controlled General Assembly. Democratic governor Pat Quinn says he's going to sign the bill. Illinois will then join the few other states that have passed such measures—largely blue states, but there are liberal Republicans who support it too.

I have been given permission by a gentleman and brother in the Lord named Ed Moore to post his comments made on Peter LaBarbara's page in response to this issue. When it comes to Illinois churches, I think he hits the nail on the head for a good chunk of of them, but I personally am not ready to declare ALL of the churches worthless yet. I honestly don't think Ed meant "all" of them either. But he's right to say that all churches and individual believers should have stood up to be counted on this.

Ed echoes a warning I've been making for some time. The day will come when churches will have to make the fateful choice to keep tax exempt status or to be faithful to the Lord. Today's events in Illinois may well put us closer to that day than ever. Here is Ed's take, to which I add a rueful "amen," subject to the proviso above.

Tonight I'm thinking of several,years ago when the attempt was made to put a referendum before the people of Illinois to define marriage in the Illinois constitution as between one man and one woman. We needed to collect something like 50,000 signatures to get this on the ballot. That's a lot. But it's not THAT daunting when you think about all the churches and all the Christians in the state. 

But we failed to get the 50,000. And we failed because the Church in this state is almost worthless. Church after church refused to let us in to collect signatures from their congregation. Nearly all of them said they supported the idea but they didn't want to get involved with politics or they were afraid of losing their tax exempt status. 

Well church in Illinois, how do you feel now that sodomy is enshrined in our legal fabric? I hope you're sick to your stomach. Because the blame for this is on YOU. You chose comfort over the lordship of Christ. You chose the state over the God of all creation. You chose money (tax exempt donations) over the Saviour Who died for your sins and rose from the dead to be Lord of All. 

You sold your soul and now you will reap unbelievable persecution and untold evil on your children and grandchildren. 

God forgive us for our weak and pitiful denial of your precious sacrifice.

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