Monday, December 09, 2013

Say What?!?

By now, I imagine many if not most of you share my frustration watching the "talking head" shows at night, where political pundits or figures on the right and left "debate" the issues of the day. They don't really debate. They just spew their talking points, talk or shout over the top of each other, refuse to ask direct questions asked of them, and most frustratingly, continue to lie when everyone knows they're lying, and their lying has been abundantly documented and shown. They still lie shamelessly and keep spewing it like they're possessed.


Well, let's leave aside demonic possession for the time being. Let me note just a few perplexing conundrums. I'll start by saying something that is true, at least by statute and practice. Federal law supercedes state law by Constitutional provision and interpretation. Right? Marijuana is illegal by federal law. Right? Yet states pass marijuana legalization provisions with no action by the federal government to enforce its will.

Next. Illegal immigration is a serious problem. Right? Immigration is by definition and "settled law" a federal issue. Right? The feds do nothing about the problem, so the border states step in and enforce federal law. Only to be sued and stopped by the feds.

Finally (although I could go on)—Obamacare. Heck, why stop at Obamacare. Look at the entire program of the Obama Administration and what its impact has been on the country and our international status. It is a DISASTER. An epic fail on steroids. Everyone knows it. But the Democrats (except for some of those who are in electoral trouble in purple or red states) insist on digging in their heels and refusing to allow for any fixes or adjustments whatsoever, and forget about repeal. No matter how badly it damages the country. No matter how many millions have their lives destroyed by this Trojan Horse, they don't care. They are hell-bent on forcing socialized medicine on the country whether the country wants it or not. By their own admission, single payer is the goal, and to get there, they have to destroy what is. And they don't care. At all.

By most normal thinking standards, you'd think such a thing would be suicidal from an electoral standpoint. They must be really confident in their long-term game plan. And they may have reason to be. With more than half the country dependent on government benefits (by design), people will tend to vote for whoever keeps the checks coming. Their lock on the educational system has helped mold an entire generation more willing to accept statism instead of individual freedom and individual responsibility. They've sold the snake oil of collectivism very well, and they've had a sycophantic media helping them along. Plus the entertainment industry—largely made up of leftists. So they take a shellacking in the mid-term elections. They've made such a mess that it will be left to the Republicans to fix it, and when the Republicans try to fix it, and can't get the mess cleaned up quickly enough in this age of instant gratification, the Republicans will end up getting the blame for causing the mess in the first place. The media will repeat the lie, and people will willingly believe it.

Yes, they might lose a mid-term election. But as always with the left, they have the long view battle in their sights, and that has always been a weakness for conservatives and traditionalists. Think about the Marxist dialectic. Three steps forward, two steps back. Three steps forward, two steps back. The retreat is only temporary and limited. The advance toward the socialist utopia keeps advancing.

I've painted a pretty bleak picture, haven't I? Some conservative pundits are talking now about how enraged the public is getting with Obamacare, and they've got huge buyer's remorse. Just remember. You've got to have veto-proof margins in BOTH Houses of Congress to effect any meaningful change. Until Harry Reid invoked the nuclear option, you had to have 60 votes in the Senate to break a logjam. Whether the Republicans have the will to do the same thing back remains to be seen. But you still have to be able to muster enough votes for a veto override. Not sure that will happen at all. Even if Republicans manage to get a 2/3 roster in the Senate or House, you can always count on a group of Republicans who talk a conservative game, but when it counts, they vote with the Democrats and stall any conservative/traditionalist drive in its tracks. "Too extreme," don't you know? They parrot their Democratic marionette masters when they say it. Former Senator Lowell Weicker was a great example of this type of Republican. With friends like him, who needed enemies?

And finally (I mean it this time), we can't leave out divine sovereignty. This well could be God's judgment beginning to fall on America. If so, like Daniel, Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego, we'll have to endure the pain along with the rest. And hopefully be candles in the darkness.

I am no prophet. I have no idea how all this will play out in the long run, and as a former broadcaster who covered politics, I used to be a fairly good predictor of what would happen. Not anymore. The country has changed too much. I am alarmed in the short term. I hate to see the country I love wrecked by a bunch of power-hungry, wicked despots in waiting. But until there is a divine miracle and enough people wake up to enforce their will, that's what is in store. God help us.

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