Friday, December 20, 2013

The Dynasty and the Ducking Stool

In a way, I am really reluctant to weigh in on the current "Duck Dynasty" flap. For those who manage to stay unplugged from such silliness, the patriarch of the family which centers the A&E "reality TV" show made some rather crude comments to a magazine expressing his disapproval of homosexuality.

Of course, the usual harpies in the leftist media, pundits, politicians, and homosexual activist groups like GLADD flew out of their lair with talons extended. A&E quickly "suspended" Phil Robertson, but the baying of the bloodthirsty hounds continues, with some demanding the cancellation of the wildly popular show.

Even though I'd rather write about Christmas or some other spiritual subject, I do want to make a comment about this while it's in the news. First, from an analytical perspective of the entertainment industry, hypocrisy, and a paradigm shift of sorts within the industry.

It is fascinating to me, as always, that a tiny minority of the population can have so much clout, and cause so much fear and trepidation. I can only assume that is because those with the most powerful megaphones—the media and the entertainment industry—are behind that tiny minority and burn anyone at the stake who expresses disagreement or disapproval of it. Aside from that, how times have changed, and how they remain the same.

Remember "All in the Family" when it began back in the early 70s? That show broke a lot of taboos and pushed a lot of envelopes that seem mild in the light of Miley Cyrus's lewd public exhibitions and other current television shows. People with traditional values raised their voices. Millions of them. But the network involved dug their heels in, defended their show no matter who it offended, and made itself out to be a white-robed crusading champion of free speech and free thought.

Fast forward to today, and this situation. Phil Robertson expresses a traditional, biblical viewpoint that homosexuality is sin. Despite the program being a huge hit and making millions of dollars (by usual secular network standards, that's the deciding factor more than anything else), this time the network buckles its knees and throws the program, as well as the Robertson family, under the bus. In so doing, I suppose A&E is being consistent with the image they choose to project, saying that they champion homosexual rights etc. Phil, nor the family, will (or should in my opinion) apologize for having and voicing Christian beliefs. The network's values are not consistent with those beliefs and values, so I guess we shouldn't be surprised. They are open to a charge of hypocrisy if they didn't take the action they did. But unless I miss my guess, they're going to take a hit over this.

Another observation needs to be made—one I have made before. One reason that the homosexual movement has been able to make such gains (aside from a society turning away from God) is that they have been able to make the argument that sexual behavior is the equivalent of race and ethnicity. Because they've managed to make that argument largely unchallenged by the media (because the media agrees with them), hence they've been able to move the needle in society's views. If there had been a fair debate all along and someone was able to present a strong counter to that argument unhindered and uncensored, then we'd have a different picture and a different outcome to this week's events.

I will not make the concession or allowance demanded by the activists. Sexual behavior is not the same as one's ethnicity, and should not be judged in the same way. Disapproval of sexual behavior, especially when it is a tenet of one's religious faith, is NOT hate, and it is NOT bigotry. If we are going to say that it is, then we could throw back the counter charge that those who are persecuting Phil Robertson are the bigots because they hate Christians and Christianity. Somehow I don't think they'd like that being tossed at them.

As for people who identify themselves as Christians, yet make the claim that homosexual behavior is fine and dandy, I will call that apostasy and a denial of biblical truth. It makes God's Word false, and makes God into a liar. To reach that conclusion, you have to deny the authority of Scripture, or try to use Scripture by the cafeteria plan, which is not permissible. God's Word says what it means, and means what it says. Homosexual behavior is sin, and those who engage in it and are unrepentant will not inherit the Kingdom of God. I did not say that. God did, through His Word and through His Spirit that inspired that written Word.

You can get by with flouting God's Word in the present, while He is extending time and grace to allow people to hear the Gospel, believe it, and repent of their sins (of which sexual sin is just one matter). All have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God. All have sinned, and sin manifests itself in different people in different ways. But the joy and the hope is that we can be set free from our sin through the power of the Gospel and the shed blood of Christ on the cross. If you reject this free offer of grace and mercy, then you must stand before Him and He will no longer be in the capacity of Savior, but as Judge. Your unrepentant heart will get you just what you deserve, and just what you want. Separation from the God you hate for eternity. High stakes.

Better think about that for a while.

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