Friday, December 20, 2013

Welcome to Socialized Medicine

Today's post was sparked a bit by Dr. Charles Krauthammer, a board certified psychiatrist in addition to being a political columnist and television commentator, mostly on FNC.

During this evening's "Special Report" appearance, Charles made the accurate observation that for all intents and purposes, the United States is now in government-run nationalized medicine. He also did a column on it in the Washington Post. The column is scathing, and spot on, as far as I am concerned. But even as the country grows angrier at what's spewing out of this Trojan Horse that got crammed down the collective throat, I have to issue this warning. Repealing it before the law does irreparable damage to the country will be a hard, hard slog because of the way the nation is polarized, and because of clever gerrymandering of Congressional Districts.

To get rid of Obamacare, conservatives (mind, I did not say Republicans) MUST recapture the House of Representatives AND retake the U.S. Senate. Holding the House should be no problem, but the Senate is very, very iffy. AND . . . even if conservatives can take both Houses of Congress, there must be sufficient numbers that will ensure a veto override from Obama. Most importantly, conservatives MUST have a viable reform package in place and be able to convince voters that it's the way to go.

Now, why did I make the distinction between "conservatives" and "Republicans." As House Speaker John Boehner made clear the past week or so, he and the GOP Establishment really view the party base with barely concealed contempt, despite their protestations to the contrary. Boehner eviscerated the Tea Party part of the base, the same people that helped the GOP retain control of the House and enabled Boehner to keep the Speaker's seat. Conservative Republicans have fought this battle with the more "moderate" to liberal party leaders for years. Many like to point to the "Rockefeller Republican" days, but I think it goes back even farther than Nelson Rockefeller.

I've seen it happen over and over again. These non-conservative Republicans are great at talking a conservative game. They love to point to their 80 percent voting record and say they're with the people. However, that 20 percent involves places where THEY VOTED WITH THE DEMOCRATS. And it's nearly always been on an issue where we had a real opportunity to roll back the size and power of the government.

People are finally catching on, I hope. And I hope they took very close note of what John Boehner said. Once and if the House is recaptured, there needs to be some housecleaning. We need a new Speaker. And we will need a much more effective Senate Majority Leader than Mitch McConnell would be. And by all means, keep John McCain, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe and those who think like them away from leadership positions. Primary them if possible. This has to stop. If it is NOT stopped, we will continue on the path we've walked for decades now. The left makes three steps forward until they go too far, and then will go back two steps when they get slapped. Three steps forward, two steps back. All the while, the advance is taking pace, albeit slowly with temporary reverses.

Another lesson needs to be learned. The left approaches politics like a religion. They are committed to it with evangelistic zeal, and they WILL NOT GIVE UP. On the other hand, conservative minded folks do what their natural bent is to do. They get aroused, fight and win an important battle, and then dust off their clothes to go home and return to their lives as usual. Leaving an open field for liberals to continue their advance. Conservatives need to be at least as bloody-minded as the left, even more so. It's about time we got determined, involved, and stayed on duty, vigilant and ready to act. The biblical scene of Belshazzar comes to mind, where he was partying down in Babylon without a care in the world. While he was full of wine and song, the Medes and the Persians were working their way into the city via stealth. Babylon had fallen before Belshazzar even knew what hit him.

One final observation. I do not mean to suggest that Christian conservatives place politics on a higher plane than our main duty on this earth, to live out and share the Gospel, and to make disciples. If we would concentrate on that like we should, the political would not be a problem. The Moral Majority and Christian Coalition folks made a big mistake. They worked for political transformation but the transformation necessary in the heart through the Gospel got forgotten over the political. We paid for it. Let's not make that mistake again.

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