Friday, January 03, 2014

Introducing Griffin Tucker

I am so thankful on this cold early January day to have a bright bit of news to share with you, and in so doing, I'd like to introduce a young musician to your attention. The reason I do this is because I love to be able to use the biblical Barnabas-like gift of encouragement. I love to encourage young musicians to hone their craft and God-given abilities, and to share their gifts with the rest of us.

This artist's name is Griffin Tucker (age 12), hails from Texas, and is a bit of a prodigy. A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, he was chosen out of many young musicians to tour last summer with Zendaya. He loves the Beatles and has recorded several Beatles covers. He loves the classic rock sound rather than the robotized, mechanized, Auto-Tuned stuff being released by the major labels today. (The latter half of that sentence was my own snarky editorial comment, not Griffin's. A lot of music being released today sets my teeth on edge and my hair on fire. All three of them.

Griffin and his family have a deep love for the Lord, yet choose to release their music in the secular world—a world that needs a Christlike example more than ever these days. He has already released several songs, and today his newest song was released, called "Gotta Get the Girl." You can check it out and download it here. For the original songs, Griffin writes the music and his mother, Kimberly, writes the lyrics.

So let me offer a fedora hat tip to Griffin and family, and recommend that you download his available music. I think you'll love him, and by God's grace, I think the future holds wonderful things in store.


Griffin Tucker said...

Joel - you are the dearest man & a blessing to us all! love, the Tuckers

Solameanie said...

Why, thanks so much! You all bless me as well. Keep looking UP! Great days ahead in music!