Monday, February 17, 2014

GWB and the Troops

I know that the picture on the right depicting former President George W. Bush with returning troops has made the rounds, but I wanted to put it up here without making some of the political comments that get made when it's posted. (I know, you're all surprised) :)

But seriously, I love this picture. To me, it shows the measure of the man. All the more so because by all accounts, GWB was the same way with the troops when cameras were absent. To this day, he continues to go visit injured troops in Veterans' Hospitals and other locations, quietly and without fanfare. I believe he genuinely cares, and takes to heart what can happen when you have to give the order to send men and women into harm's way.

So on this President's Day, I pay tribute to George W. Bush, and his genuine love and compassion for those in America's armed forces.

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