Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Visit with Genesis' Mike Rutherford

Well, not a personal visit with me (chuckling). Rather, this is a nice little interview done not too long ago with Mike at Genesis' recording studio in England, the Fisher Lane Farm Studio. I just finished reading Mike's new autobiography, "The Living Years." It's a good read, and is really part auto-bio and part memoir of his relationship with his late father. That was one reason that Mike did the book—the first official autobiography of a member of Genesis. 

The book resonated with me because of its wistful look back, and Mike's regret that he didn't get to tell his own father how much he loved and admired him—that just wasn't done with young English men of that generation. Mike was away on tour with Genesis when his dad passed in 1986. His message: don't waste time and fail to tell your parents you love them, especially when they are getting on in years. My own Mom lives with me at age 90, and every moment is precious. My father passed when I was in my late teens, and our relationship was a bit strained, although I know we loved each other. I wish that I had been able to communicate with him better. As a Christian, my hope he is in heaven, and that we'll get the chance then to catch up. But as my late grandfather used to say, "Give me my roses while I'm here."

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