Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Analyzing Abstract Art

Jackson Pollack's "Convergence: 1952"
Today we do a brief detour into the art world. In this ASSIST News commentary, author, musician, minister and family man Brian Nixon discusses a question that I had never really considered before, although I do like Francis Schaeffer. In his day, Schaeffer didn't much like abstract art and wrote against it. I have seen plenty of such art, but didn't know that "abstract" was the term for it.

Brian gently disagrees with Schaeffer's analysis, and his comments are thought-provoking. I certainly have my views on what constitutes good art—and as a Christian, I generally think art ought to uplift, not degrade. There is true garbage out there that passes for art, and I think its source is the Pit. If art communicates what is in the soul of the artist, hmmmm.

Of course, art by its very nature can be emotional and controversial, because it involves someone's creativity. I always need to be careful that I don't paint with too broad a brush, pun intended. Most artists want their work to be liked and appreciated, while a few don't particularly care.

Give Brian's column a read, and give this some thought along with me. I will hopefully have more to say at another time.

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