Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Dr. Al Mohler on Inerrancy

I have from time to time discussed the topic of biblical inerrancy on this blog from time to time. I frequently re-read Dr. Harold Lindsell's classic "The Battle for the Bible," which is really a timeless book because the same issues rise over and over again.

Today, I'm posting an interview with another Bible scholar I respect—Dr. Al Mohler of Southern Seminary. You can read the interview here. There is a new anthology book coming out (and Dr. Mohler is one of the contributors) on the subject of inerrancy. The interview is worth perusing, because Al stakes out how important this issue continues to be. It will never go away until the Lord returns. And one thing he points out is that the definition of "inerrancy" needs to be clearly understood. There are things it means and things it does not mean.

While you're at it, see if you can pick up a copy of Dr. Lindsell's book too. Both are worth having in the library.

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