Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's Worse than Pinocchio

I don't think I've made much of a secret that I disagree and disapprove of much of what the Obama Administration has done since day 1. I expected that the country would be driven to the left, but even I didn't expect just how far and how fast. I was concerned about damage to the country done during the Clinton Administration—albeit with a Republican Congress he did preside over a fairly robust economy.

After a term and a half of Barack Obama, our economy is moribund. Our foreign policy and standing as a nation with our allies is in tatters, our military is being gutted, and what more can be said about the health care law? The more we find out what is in it, the more we as a nation don't want the snake oil, but with the current makeup of the Congress (both House and Senate), Obama's signature legislation isn't going anywhere any time soon. How much more damage can this man do to the country in his remaining years in office? Plenty.

I really do try to make an effort to be fair and show some balance, although I am a firm conservative/traditionalist. Now and then, I have to pop my cork and vent, but I've been trying not to do that as much. But I have to bang the garbage can lid again about something that is bugging me a lot, and I don't see much out of the media to make the observation—with the exception of some media and Internet bloggers that the mainstream would consider "fringe." I am usually uncomfortable with conspiracy theories that get floated around the Internet by well meaning (and some not so well meaning) people. These theories generally get debunked in time, so again, I try not to pay too much attention to them.

But now I'm not so sure with at least one aspect. And it's horrible to contemplate. But given the fallen nature of man, and what happens to a nation when a nation incurs divine wrath, it's not impossible. Hear me out.

They used to say Jimmy Carter was a failed president for many reasons. He was naive, he was stubborn, rose-colored glasses, inept economic manager etc. He never seemed to see a left wing dictator he didn't like. We didn't think we'd ever find someone worse than Jimmy Carter. Until Barack Obama. This man and his Administration are gutting the dickens out of this country, and no one seems to be able to see what he is doing except in a glass darkly, or to do anything about it. And here's the scary part to me. I've hinted at it before, but I'll say it outright now. Listen.

Barack Obama is not stupid. He is not naive. He knows exactly, precisely what he is doing. He is doing what he intended to do all along. He came into office thinking that the U.S. rode too high in the world and needed to be taken down a peg. I think everything he has done—everything that seems to make absolutely no sense at all to former State Department folks, Executive Branch Cabinet members, Senators, Congressmen—makes perfect sense to him. He wants to fundamentally transform the United States into something the Founding Fathers never intended, and to accomplish it, he has to wreck what exists by any means possible. He will make such a royal mess of just about everything, I really don't know if it can ever be fixed.

I can't help but remember the now infamous photo op with former Russian president Dmitri Medvedev when they were both overheard on open microphones. Obama told Medvedev to wait until after the election for his second term, and he would have a "freer hand." Medvedev said, "I will transmit this information to Vladimir." Meaning the current president of Russia, Vladimir Putin. Kind of makes you what else got transmitted to Vladimir, doesn't it? Ukraine happened on Obama's watch, and outside of a bit of sputtering, not much else has happened. (I must include this caveat—Russian and Ukrainian history is complicated, and it's not as cut and dried as much of the Western media thinks. I am strictly talking about the crisis and the response expected of a U.S. leader.)

So what if everything that's happening is intentional? What if the intent with health care was to make such a debacle out of it that single payer is the next enforced option? What if we get to single payer, and then rationing of health care begins, with the government deciding that your beloved elderly mother or father will not be allowed to get life-saving treatment because it's "time for them to die." The slander delivered against the GOP by that nutjob Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida would be more accurately applied to those of his far-left mindset. The elderly need to die quickly in their view, but they won't come out and tell you that, of course. But they will restrict who can get what treatment, and quite frankly, it's none of the government's business. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

To close, I have to mention this. We know that God judges nations. America has done just about everything possible to flout God although the nation still pays Him some lip service. The nation's governing authorities are marching toward acceptance of sodomy as morally acceptable, and abortion remains legal, although it does seem hearts are beginning to change on that issue. Open hostility toward Christians and people who hold to traditional Judeo-Christian morality is rising and is becoming the template in the media, entertainment, and even from the government. God will only give a blessed country so much rope before He lowers the boom. And herein lies my dilemma.

I want to pray for my country and for its repentance. But if America is being judged, it's unstoppable unless America repents. Those of us who love and know the Lord must remain faithful no matter what the cost. It's a hard message to give when much of the church world embraces the health and wealth gospel. Don't tell us anything bad or negative, and above all, NEVER be judgmental. Scripture gets cherry-picked, and a false image of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit gets fostered. The Lord Jesus warned about Hell more than anyone else in the New Testament, but you won't hear that from many pulpits. People in churches are biblically illiterate. Confrontation of false teaching is seen as divisive, when in fact it is a biblical command to help maintain healthy, discerning congregations. We are really in for tough days ahead.

When God judges a nation, He puts hooks in leaders' jaws. He removes kings and establishes kings. Because of rebellion, He sends strong delusions so people believe the lies they seek so eagerly. And all the while, the call to repentance is made for all who will hear, listen, and respond.

Is America beyond the line? Have we finally gone too far? I hope not. But that is a very, very real possibility. And the remnant faithful Church had best be ready to deal with it.

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