Monday, April 21, 2014

Bart Ehrman Vs. Easter?

Just what we needed, ay? Another controversy over the Bible, and more specifically, the Lord Jesus.

I have, of course, heard of Bart Ehrman. However, I have had little time in the past couple of years to pay much attention to the occasional kerfuffles that arose when he'd launch an attack on Christianity.

Thanks to our friends at World Magazine, I was made aware of this newest launch from Ehrman's missile base. It's a book called "How Jesus Became God," an effort to debunk the biblical account and what the Church has believed for 2,000 years. World's article is calling attention to another new book—this one written by five Bible scholars who rebut Ehrman's arguments from different perspectives. I'm glad that they were able to respond so quickly.

Now, let's see if the media that give Ehrman so much attention bother to be fair and balanced, and contact these Bible scholars for equal time. Somehow, I doubt that they will do so. Therefore, it's up to us to spread the word that there are answers out there to this stuff.

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