Monday, April 28, 2014

Papal Authority, or No?

Long time readers of The Seventh Sola know well that I am firmly a child of the Reformation. Even so, I typically don't post a lot of articles debating over Roman Catholicism. That argument has been raging between Catholic and Protestant theologians since before Martin Luther, and we won't settle it here.

Having said all that, I became aware of a new book out that continues the argument over the Roman pontiff's authority, and indeed, whether the Apostle Peter ever even set foot in Rome. Here is an article about it if you'd like to read it. Scripture itself does not mention anything about Peter being in Rome although long-standing tradition says he was. It will be interesting to see what kind of media stir Fordham theology professor George Democopolous's book "The Invention of Peter" causes. Stir or no stir, somehow I don't think that the disagreement between Rome and evangelicalism will end any time soon. Only when Jesus Himself returns to set us all straight.

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