Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Impeach? Fat Chance

If I were to look back at recent months—even the past year or two—I'd say my political posts have been fewer and toned down considerably since the year this blog first began in 2005. I've not been unaware of events, either national or global, but have been simply too busy with workload both at the office and personal matters. I suppose I have to admit some degree of disgust to the point that I just didn't want to talk about politics.

This week, a line was crossed. Barack Obama and his Administration have proven over the past six years that they don't hold the country or our Constitution in much esteem. I have to laugh as I type that, because the first thing you hear out of most far-lefties during Republican Administrations is that GOP-ers are lawless, dictators, racists, Constitution-haters, pick your poison of the day for the invective. To be completely fair, far-righties are also capable of pretty ugly rhetoric. I see a lot of it on Twitter.

But I am not talking rhetoric now. Obama has consistently done everything in his power to weaken this country and our standing in the world. He has thumbed his nose at the law and the Constitution. What is the SADDEST to me about this is that he has had the willing connivance and aid of most fellow Democrats in the Congress—both House and Senate. Hearken back to the days of Richard Nixon and Watergate. When it was shown that Nixon had committed acts worthy of impeachment, the Republican leadership went to the White House and told Nixon that he had lost their support and insisted on his resignation . . . or else. Given what I have seen out of the Democrats, I can't imagine them doing that to one of their presidents no matter what he does. No matter how much they tried to make Bill Clinton's impeachment about sex, it was really about perjury by the one who swore an oath to faithfully execute the laws, and to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. Clinton needed to be removed, but the Senate would not convict. For political reasons.

Barack Obama has done far worse. This week's release of the worst Taliban leaders from Gitmo in a prisoner swap forbidden by law demands impeachment and removal from office. Add to this the Veterans Administration scandal, Benghazi, Fast and Furious—all called "phony scandals" by Obama and his acolytes—it's just breathtaking. The media don't care, and neither do the Democrats in the House or Senate. Power is all that matters. Even if the Republican-controlled House were to file articles of impeachment (and they won't - they're too chicken), the Democrat-controlled Senate would never vote to convict or remove Obama from office. It will take divine action of some kind to get this Administration out of power. It will also take a divine miracle to repair the damage done to this country over the past six years.

I've said privately to family and friends that I wish the media pundits (namely those who are opposed to Obama) would stop calling him "naive" and "incompetent." If Barack Hussein Obama is anything, it is not naive or incompetent. He knows EXACTLY what he is doing. It is completely intentional. It has been from the first day of his first term. Anyone who can read and research can find enough information on what Barack Obama's foundational beliefs are, and what his intentions have always been—out of his own mouth and pen. Why more of the Republican leaders don't begin pointing that out loudly and vocally is beyond me.

But in the end, things are what they are. The American people put Obama in the White House, and because our other branch of government is spineless or compromised, they will do nothing to alter the equation. More than that, Scripture tells us that God "removes kings and establishes kings." I tend to think that God gives us the leaders we deserve sometimes. And I have long believed that America has been ripe for judgment because of our increasingly wholesale abandonment of God and embrace of things that He steadfastly condemns. Rain falls on the just and unjust. Those of us who strive to remain faithful are in for a rough ride.

And it's sad. It doesn't have to be this way. But the country is getting exactly what it bought and paid for. In spades and then some.

Note: Some interesting debate among conservatives and liberals about whether President Obama "broke the law" in releasing the Taliban prisoners, with some surprising agreement. Liberal legal scholar Alan Dershowitz said that the law would probably be ruled unconstitutional as it limits the Commander-in-Chief's ability to conduct foreign policy. Conservative Wall Street Journal columnist James Taranto seems to agree with Dershowitz in that Obama may have the upper hand in a legal argument, as the president noted in his "signing statement" to the law that he believed it was unconstitutional. Regardless—constitutional or not—the act was a huge mistake and deeply offensive to many Americans. As I noted in the blog post, impeachment does not have to be over a legally indictable offense.

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