Monday, June 30, 2014

Sorry, Elton.

This morning's Drudge Report had a couple of links to stories about singer Elton John's admiration for Pope Francis—ostensibly because of Francis' conciliatory attitude toward homosexuality. You can read one of the articles here.

Of course, I've posted about Elton before, and his oft-stated view that the Lord Jesus would approve of gay marriage. He said it again in context of the article above, and each time he says it—and it gets published—I am going to counter it. Because it is simply FLAT OUT WRONG. I would be very, very loathe to put words into God's mouth. God Himself issued some pretty strict warnings about doing so. And perhaps Elton doesn't get it, but when he states that the Lord Jesus would approve of homosexual marriage, that is precisely what Elton is doing. Putting words in God the Son's mouth that Jesus never said, and never WOULD say. How can I say that?

As the Second Person of the Triune God, He is intimately aware of what His written Word and personal revelation to mankind is. The God of the Old Testament is the God of the New Testament. Jesus upheld the authority of the Law and the Prophets, including the passages where homosexuality is condemned as sin. God the Holy Spirit inspired the New Testament, including its passages where homosexuality is condemned as sin. To avoid this, you have to do a lot of denying, beginning with the authority of God's Word.

This is all part and parcel of today's endless pro-homosexuality propaganda campaign. If you disagree with them or disapprove of their lifestyle, they will try to classify you as a hateful bigot. I thoroughly reject that appellation. Disagreement and disapproval based on moral/religious convictions is NOT hate or bigotry. We cannot allow them to get by with that.

You can't have a Jesus of your own construction. You can't approach Jesus or the Word of God on the cafeteria plan, keeping what you like and throwing out the rest. Scripture is clear. Homosexuality is SIN. Period. End of discussion. Of course, you can deny that as strenuously as you like. You can impugn Jesus, impugn the Bible, impugn what you like. Make it up, redefine and reinterpret as you go along. Go for it. But you will be held accountable in the end and the punishment for adding to or taking away from God's Word is severe.

There is good news, and that's what the Gospel is all about—another thing often missed by Elton and company. Homosexuality, like any other sin, can be forgiven and washed clean. It can be overcome by the power of God working in your life. You will battle in your flesh as long as you're "under this sun," but victory is available. But you have to begin with acknowledging the sin, and that it IS sin. Repentance is required.

And repentance is something that, at least for now, you will not get out of Elton and company. I pray that changes before he dies. Once death takes place, repentance is too late.

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