Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Summer in the Ozarks

From yesterday's high dudgeon, I turn to a more pleasant subject for today—only a brief note and observation.

I miss the Arkansas Ozarks. And yes, even in summer.

Anyone from the South knows how hot and humid it gets down there. Author Harper Lee wrote in "To Kill a Mockingbird" about how ladies in 1930s Alabama turned into damp teacakes of talcum powder in the hot summer months—or something like that. But along with that heat and humidity come some great recreational opportunities like the good ol' swimmin' hole. Pictured to the right is Bear Creek in the high AR Ozarks near Jasper. Don't you just love that tinge of aquamarine in the clear water? That's a common sight in Ozark streams. Gorgeous. While I have not gone swimming in Bear Creek, I have done so in the nearby Buffalo River. A larger stream with deeper holes in it, and gorgeous bluffs overhead.

I suppose I shouldn't make myself too homesick since I can't travel much these days, but I can always dream. Thank you, God, for making such a beautiful place for us to enjoy.

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