Tuesday, June 17, 2014

U.K. Story on Impeaching Obama

Funny I bring up the "impeach" word not too long ago, and I see a news story on it. Only, not here in the United States.

Nope. This one had to come from the United Kingdom's Daily Mail Congressman Lou Barletta, a Republican, was answering the question about whether President Obama could be impeached for his recent actions on a whole host of scandals. Barletta basically said there probably would be enough votes in the House, but the Senate would never vote to convict and remove Obama from office. True, sadly. The story also said that Barletta backed off of the statement after being lambasted by the Democratic National Committee, saying that impeachment would "harm the country." Why back off and be afraid of the DNC? Especially when you have truth and hard evidence on your side? This latest folderol of Lois Lerner losing the IRS emails ought to have been the last straw because it is so demonstrably not true. Those emails are not "lost." Not by a long shot.

If harm to the country is our chief concern, I have to ask the good Congressman: what will be left of the country in two years if nothing is done? Impeachment is a Constitutional duty when the Constitution is being pillaged and the country systematically destroyed before our eyes. But I guess the Constitution doesn't really matter anymore to either Republicans or Democrats. As I noted the other day, Republicans stepped to the plate and forced Richard Nixon's resignation despite the political consequences. Where are the Democratic patriots out there? I'm waiting.

But you know what's really saddest of all about all this? I've said it before and I'll say it again, with a little dressing added.

Jimmy Carter had a failed presidency. Carter was inept and left the country weaker than it was when he assumed office. Obama is NOT inept. Carter didn't make his mistakes on purpose. Obama knows EXACTLY what he is doing. He seems to be doing it with abandon and glee. I do wish the moderate to conservative Democrats out there—far more of whom I suspect exist than those belonging to the far radical left of Obama's mold—I do wish they would give serious thought to the consequences of what is happening. Do they really want their children and grandchildren growing up in a lawless Third World country? Because that is precisely what we will have if the present slide isn't stopped.

Really, folks. I'd rather talk about other stuff. I'd rather talk theology, film, music, travel, and other fun. I have tried my level best to make political posts rarer and rarer over time. Not so much because of any reluctance to discuss my views on things. I'm a conservative and not ashamed of it. But the past five years of observation have really wearied me of politics. All the more so because rational discussion of issues has become near impossible. However, things are reaching critical mass. I'm not the only one who sees it. There are other Cassandras out there besides me. Yet, the political will to do the right thing is seemingly gone—for political reasons that pass me.

Bill Clinton should have been removed from office for perjury. But in the public mind (with the media's help), the public became convinced that the prime motivation of impeachment was conservative outrage over a sexual dalliance. Those who got it realized otherwise. Perjury is a serious crime no matter what the subject, and especially by the one who swore an oath on the Bible to faithfully execute the laws of the land.

In Obama's case, we have far worse going on than perjury over flapdoodle in the Oval Office. Far, far worse.

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