Friday, July 25, 2014

Israel Behind the 8 Ball

It's happening again, and I honestly don't know why I continue to be amazed.

Terrorists in the Gaza Strip have been firing rockets into Israel, aided and abetted by other Islamic radical-supporting nations. The rockets have inflicted damage and casualties, and like any other rational nation under attack, Israel finally had enough and sent its military into action to put a stop to the rocket fire.

What is the reaction of much of the world? They want Israel to back off and "show restraint." The majority of the mainstream (or lamestream) media is heavily biased against Israel, and they seldom miss an opportunity to wave the bloody shirt to paint Israel to look like the Third Reich. Israel's ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, quite rightly ripped into CNN for its shameful propaganda. You can read the account here.

Never mind showing what happens to Israeli civilians. They give that short shrift. Their picture instead is of the poor, poor, beleaguered Palestinians. Gaza and the West Bank would not be on the receiving end of Israel's defensive action if the rockets would stop. That never seems to penetrate the thick heads of Western governments and the Western media. But that gives the benefit of the doubt to both parties. I will not. They know better. The truth is that they would be much happier if Israel didn't exist. They will give lip service to Israel's right to defend itself, but behind closed doors, they throw all sorts of pressure and threats at Israel if the Israelis don't back off.

It's evil. It's demonic. And I for one won't let it go by without calling it out. As I've said numerous times here on this blog and for years on the air, the Israeli government is not without fault. No government is without fault. But there is just no moral equivalent here. There is no desire whatsoever on the part of Hamas and Fatah to really make permanent, lasting peace with Israel. They want Israel destroyed and wiped off the map, as does much of the Islamic world. As does (or so it seems) many Western governments despite what comes out of their mouths.

The hypocrisy is breathtaking. It would be interesting to see what would happen if Cuba were to lob a rocket barrage into Miami. Or if France were to lob a rocket barrage into London. Or if Ukraine would launch a rocket barrage into Moscow. I think we can guess the response, although with the current occupant of the White House, I can't say for certain. He might cheer.

But this is the human political analyst side of me. From a biblical, theological perspective, I already know what to expect. The Lord warned us. His prophets warned us. And global events will unfold as foretold. Israel ultimately can take comfort in God's promise from Psalm 121 below. They will have a very rough road ahead and much tragedy to face before the Lord's return and His ringing down of the final curtain. But Messiah will fulfill His Word, ruling and reigning from Jerusalem. He who guards Israel neither rests or sleeps (Psalm 121). Until then, we watch the news and our blood boils at the hate and injustice of wicked men and women.

One final word to the world's political powers that be. Don't think for a moment you'll escape God's judgment for how you handle Israel. God will deal with Israel's sins, for sure. That is His sole prerogative. But Israel is also the apple of God's eye, and those who curse Israel and do her harm will be held accountable. Eternally accountable.

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