Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Addendum on James Foley's Beheaders

While I rarely do two posts in one day, this is the day for a second one. An observation I hope and pray more people make.

First, here's an update on the James Foley murder by ISIS thugs. To the right is the image that accompanies the Fox story on this tragedy.

I note with interest some of the footage posted on Youtube and other places by ISIS. While there are a few on there with young children barely out of their tweens yelling about how they support ISIS and want to come and kill Americans, quite a few also are with people totally garbed in black with their faces and heads covered, including the murderer getting ready to behead James. My heart breaks as I look at that photo, but it has the opposite impact on me than the one hoped for by the murderers. It makes me all the more determined to press our government to pursue justice with these evil individuals one by one.

ISIS makes quite a show of calling Americans "cowards." They disdain our bombing from the air, daring our soldiers to come in on the ground and fight. (Be careful for what you ask. You might get it). I find it ironic that they're the ones who don't dare show their faces and hide behind masks. I find it ironic that James is kneeling with his hands tied behind his back, not able to fight his attacker. If he had been free to fight back, he'd probably have cleaned the guy's plow.

ISIS needs to think twice before daring American combat troops to get into this more fully. Once the full might of American military power is unleashed and the full wrath of the American people is roused, we tend to get the job done and then some. If our soldiers have to come over there with boots on the ground, they will. With overwhelming force, and they will do what they have to do to end the threat.

And they won't be wearing masks or beheading helpless, unarmed people.

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