Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Enough is Enough!

ISIS Must Be Stopped

I was about to subtitle this "ISIS Goes a Step Too Far." But that certainly doesn't fit. ISIS—the Islamic Terror "State" now trying to overrun Syria, Iraq, and who knows where else—went too far long ago with its murderous genocide campaign in northern Iraq. And now, it appears they've beheaded another journalist. Our prayers and condolences go out to the family of James Foley if the barbaric beheading is indeed confirmed.

While I am angry and disgusted at this act, I am even more angry and disgusted at the Obama Administration. I expect terrorist thugs to act like terrorist thugs. It's even more outrageous when said terrorist thugs try to gain the power and international standing of a state. I suspect ISIS ultimately has in mind trying to reclaim Muhammed's former conquests even into Western Europe in establishing their new caliphate. Even if they never advance beyond the Middle East, they have committed enough crimes against humanity that global action against them is fully justified. The U.S. needs to start it if no one else will.

I have never been one to call for war or armed conflict if a way can be found to avoid it. The Lord Jesus said "Blessed are the peacemakers." However, God's Word also gives human governments the authority to bear the sword for the express purpose of restraining evildoers. It's in Romans 13 if you want to look it up.

If our president was doing his job, the full weight of the U.S. Armed Forces would be raining destruction on the heads of these thugs far beyond pinprick strikes. The Pentagon doctrine used to be "swift, overwhelming force" and beyond that, "Unconditional Surrender." In defeating ISIS and those with their mindset, you're going beyond simply avenging the death of James Foley or other innocent bystanders in this situation. You're eliminating an evil that, if unchecked, will cause far more death, destruction and sorrow down the road. Part of defeating beasts like this involves making the price of further aggression way too high.

There is also more to this battle than simply armed defense. It is also a spiritual battle for truth against what the Apostle Paul called "doctrines of demons." Pray for our faithful Christian brothers and sisters in these regions. The more hearts won to Christ, the less there will be to strap on bombs, commit genocide against unarmed Christians and other religious groups, and behead more journalists. And lest you think there is a contradiction in what I am writing, there isn't. General Douglas MacArthur understood this in World War II. Along with his requests to Washington for the military resources to win on the battlefield, he also requested that missionaries be sent.

Faithful, committed, Bible-believing Christians do not start wars of aggression. Keep in mind also that through the centuries, lots of wars were fought in Jesus' name that He would not have endorsed. Defensive wars to stop the wicked are not wars of which He would disapprove, at least the way I understand Scripture.

Pray tonight for the grieving, and for the liberation of the oppressed. And pray that these killers will be brought to swift, final justice.

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