Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday Throwback

All Hail Manual Typewriters!

After several days of rather grim news, I think we need to lighten up a little. I happened to see this very old ad from the early 1900s, and naturally, it struck a warm place in my heart. (Check out the top of this blog and the noirish banner for a clue)

It used to be a running joke at my office that people could hear me typing on the computer in the next county. You see, back in days of yore when I started out in radio, we were using manual typewriters. The only ones in the station who had electric typewriters were the secretarial staff and accounting. All the rest of us had old Royal manuals. I had a year of typing in high school, and that was on manual typewriters. I might have taken Typing II and used an electric, but the memory's gotten foggy.

For the sake of the computer, I have tried to substantially lighten my touch and not bang on the keyboard so hard. But I still have relapses. A friend of mine surprised me by showing up at my office last year with an old Royal manual he picked up for nothing. A radio station was getting rid of them, and knowing my soft spot for the things, he grabbed it and brought it to me.

And yes, once I have the time, it will be cleaned, oiled, given a new ribbon, and will be used. Some traditions must be kept alive.

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