Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bugs Bunny, B.O. - Baby Boomers and Politicians

Bugs Bunny's Nemesis
My, no post since the first week of the month. Joel is in one of his moody, frenetic, listless, dry spells. After a while, one gets so overloaded with the cares of everyday and the escalating tsunami of crises, you just have to shut down and turn off for a while.

Today's brief post contains a moment of levity. Baby boomers will notice the cartoon dog as being from a Bugs Bunny cartoon. The dog finds Bugs, gives him a good sniffing, and then in basso profundo, says "BEEEEE YOOOOOOOH!" Here is the clip itself if you want a little laugh.

It's funny, but the cartoon world often makes me think of Washington. That's a sad commentary. But the waves of B.O. coming up from the nation's capital are overwhelming. And lest you suspect, that comment is aimed at way beyond what is coming out of the Administration. How these people can have tapes played of themselves making clear statements, and then look unashamedly at the camera and either outright lie that they didnt say it, ignore the question altogether, or abuse their questioner. Congressman Luiz Gutierrez (D-IL) from Chicago looked at an FNC camera yesterday, and flatly denied that we had a problem on our Southern border. Despite evidence to the contrary, he actually insisted that no terrorists were coming across the border at all. Many other officials on the ground who know better say otherwise.

I suppose lying has always been a part of politics. It's just the sheer brazenness of the lies that take my breath today. At least before, you had to actually catch them in the lie or prove it in some other fashion. Now they just lie with aplomb on camera and have no conscience about it at all.

Even sadder is an electorate that doesn't care, and who will probably put the same jokers back in office.

B.O. Big time.

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