Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Washington's "Jester."

Every time I pledge to myself that I'm going to back off the politics, something new manages to seize my attention and fire up my anger. With the second beheading of a journalist this week by the cowardly butchers of ISIS/ISIL, the tensions being ratcheted up between the West and Moscow over Ukraine, the ongoing crisis at the U.S. borders—you'd think you'd get at least some positive, decisive action from America's current "commander in chief."

While I am tempted to denominate Barack Obama as Washington's Court Jester, I cannot. There are plenty of "jesters" in the nation's capital, but things have gotten too far out of hand and way too deadly to use a term that denotes clownish incompetence. Because I stick to my long-held view that Obama's problem is NOT incompetence. His actions all along have been fully in keeping with who he was when he took office, and his intent from day one has been to pull back America's influence in the world. If I really wanted to ascribe even more serious malevolence to Obama and his inner circle, I could probably make a pretty good case that he really wants to ultimately destroy the country. But that's a very hard sell as most of the talking heads—even when they're outraged at Obama's lack of action and apparent serious errors in judgment—still insist that Obama is naive, a rigid ideologue, incompetent, ignorant, checked out, counting out time until the end of his term, only focused on his domestic agenda, etc. A rigid ideologue, yes. Focused on his domestic agenda, yes, to a point. But naive, ignorant, and incompetent? Not by a long shot.

Everything this man does is intentional, and it is not to the good of the United States. Obama runs the show with a very narrow circle of advisers, the most chief of which is Valerie Jarratt, and I fail to see what makes her such an expert on running a country. They're experts at propaganda, and following the Alinsky/Cloward-Piven playbook to the hilt, creating as much chaos as possible, but that's about it. Sadly, they have a good chunk of the Democratic Party in for the whole ride, a good chunk of the media, if not half the country who loves government entitlements.

I suppose it is possible that the man has a narcissistic personality disorder who thinks he alone knows what to do, and who rejects the advice coming from the military, CIA, and National Security apparatus. It could be a mixture of that and the former points. Who knows? But we have two years left in Obama's term, and God only knows what will get thrown our way next.

It's disappointing that the Republicans in the House and in the Senate seem to have thrown in the towel. I suspect that they will not do anywhere near as well as they expect in the mid-terms, and that is because the demographics of the country have changed. I don't think the GOP gets that fully yet. The "moderates" run the show right now, and "moderates" are fairly useless when you really have to fight over principle.

In the end, I also still have to ponder how much of this is God's judgment on America finally beginning to rain down. If so, we had better begin repenting very quickly.

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