Monday, October 20, 2014

Had Enough Yet?

This story isn't from a right wing website. It's from the New York Times. And the headline says quite enough. Obama trying to find an end-run around Congress in the event of a "nuclear deal" with Iran.

It seems every day brings a new scandal or new outrage from this Administration. A new way that the president tries to circumvent our Constitutional order. His popularity is at an all time low. Even African-American supporters were walking out on him during a recent campaign appearance in Maryland. You'd think he'd get the message, wouldn't you?

But he goes on, doggedly determined to do all that he can to throw as many monkey-wrenches into the country's operating machinery as he possibly can. More than that, he goes on doggedly determined to set as much of the world on fire as he possibly can, especially the Middle East, which is the last place in the world needing more gasoline thrown on an already raging inferno.

Our Constitution demands that any treaties must be confirmed by the United States Senate. It astounds me that Congress—both House and Senate, and even a Democratically controlled Senate—would be so willing to surrender its proper Constitutional powers and purviews. This will eventually come back to bite the Democrats hard.

That is, assuming the country survives.

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