Thursday, October 23, 2014

Solidarity with Brothers and Sisters in Christ

By now, I'm sure many of my Internet-savvy and social media connected Christian brothers and sisters are familiar with the symbol to the right. It is being used by the ISIS/ISIL cowards and thugs to identify the innocent Christian men, women, and children they are systematically brutalizing across the Middle East.

The international Christian community has adopted this symbol—intended by the terrorists to be a "Scarlet A" symbol of shame—as a symbol of solidarity with their persecuted brothers and sisters. Many have added it to their social media websites, profile pictures, etc. I already have it embedded on my Twitter profile, but I haven't quite figured out how to do it on Facebook without losing other photos I want to remain. Photoshop is likely the answer.

My heart really breaks for what is going on right now. Outside of being driven by demon possession and deception (very possible), I can't imagine how the ISIS leadership actually thinks this brutality is going to work in the long run. People are beginning to really get tired of it, especially here in America, and now in Canada and Britain. As the Japanese Imperialists found out in World War II, once the "Sleeping Giant" is awakened, our collective wrath is terrible. ISIS is miscalculating very badly. They may well be satisfied with the current occupant of the White House, who seems intent on letting them have their way with a few air strikes ordered now and then for political cover. But that situation will not last forever. Elections change things.

Ayatollah Khomenei knew Ronald Reagan meant business when he took office from the inept Jimmy Carter. The 1981 hostages were released pretty quickly upon Reagan's ascension to power. It may well turn out that way again, and if I were ISIS, I would not count overmuch on what they've been told about America's cultural decline stopping us from acting against them. There is a moral and spiritual decline to be sure, but there are enough of us left in the patriotic, traditionalist variety to overcome and then act, with a vengeance. We have the military capability to destroy every last one of them. And if our backs are against the wall, we will find the political will to use that capability.

How can I make the above remarks as a Christian in ministry. Very simply. I can sincerely pray as a Christian for the repentance and individual salvation of the members of ISIS. No doubt the Christians they are persecuting, torturing, and imprisoning are witnessing the love of Christ to them. The Holy Spirit will work through His proclaimed Word on the human heart. Amen and Amen.

But the duty of a GOVERNMENT ordained to its power by God is to protect its people and to restrain evildoers, as Romans 13 makes very clear. That's what the power of the sword is for. And for icing on the cake, not only are governments to protect their people, an individual Christian is to protect their loved ones. This Christian will. I am an excellent shot and wouldn't hesitate. Keep that in mind. There are millions of us across America.

One final challenge. I keep hearing so much about these "moderate" imams and Islamic leaders in the West and around the world. I'm tired of hearing about it. I want to SEE it. In ACTION. Islamic ruled countries need to take action against these thugs, both militarily and through civilian law enforcement. Round them up. Jail them. Execute them if you must. Deal with it. Close their mosques. Cleanse the schools where they are learning this malevolent ideology. Prove to the West that you really are in solidarity with us.

If you are unwilling to do so, then that suggests you really agree at heart with what ISIS is doing. Reading the Quran at literal level and knowing the history of Muhammed and the subsequent caliphates, it's not hard to come to the conclusion that this represents real Quranic Islam more than the "moderates." You say it doesn't? Show us. Show us now.

It's not a perfect analogy, but you have liberal Christians and conservative Christians. You have Christians in name only, and you have genuine, practicing believers whose hearts and lives have been given to the Lord Jesus Christ. Liberal Christians have a low view of Scripture typically, ditch many of the core doctrines the church has believed for 2,000 years, even in some cases denying the Master who bought them. They wear the Christian label, but they are no more Christians than Hare Krishna devotees.

Conservatives tend to believe what the church has always believed, are orthodox on core doctrine, have a heart and love for the lost, and want to see people saved from their sins. They're motivated by love, not hate. You won't find us out murdering people and compelling them to faith. (And before you bring it up, yes, I know church history. Lots of things were done in the name of Jesus that He finds abhorrent, and those who did them in His name will be held accountable. I would even make the case that those who used the power of government to compel faith may not have even been regenerate. Personal saving faith and regeneration by the Holy Spirit makes one a true Christian, not some words babbled out by formula, or cultural upbringing.

Well, enough. I think you get what I'm trying to say. ISIS must be stopped, and the world's leaders had best get their derrieres in gear. But I pray for peace, believing miracles can happen.

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