Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sundry Observations and Concerns

Okay. The photos I choose for posts don't always necessarily fit the subject matter. Yet in an oddball way, this one does. Here I am a few years back standing on the shore of Lake Superior northeast of Duluth, Minnesota. The feelings I had then were mixed. As the waves broke on the shoreline, you could feel an unsettling throb beneath your feet. A sign of the deceptive power of the lake when a storm rises. Think Edmund Fitzgerald and the wreck made famous by Gordon Lightfoot. I was thinking about all that while also admiring the natural beauty, the water-carved rocks, and crystal clear water.

What makes the photo fit is that our ship of state is near shipwreck. I am contemplating it with the same inner grimness. Think about a few items:

1. We have a deadly epidemic virus on U.S. shores for the first time. The Obama Administration misleads and bungles the issue, or APPEARS to bungle the issue. For political reasons rather than standard practice with communicable diseases. Throughout U.S. history, the government and/or local officials could declare a quarantine when necessary for public safety. For that matter, I can remember a time in my childhood where our family doctor threatened to quarantine the house when my oldest sister came down with hepatitis, and she refused to take the shots the doctor wanted to give her. The doctor had the authority to do it. Where has such authority gone? The Administration is pressuring governors to back off the quarantines they've imposed under their lawful authority. Why? It makes no rational sense, but there must be some political payoff in it in the Administration's mind. Sad when partisan advantage takes precedence over health.

2. We haven't even reached the mid-term elections yet, and already we have reports of voting machines casting votes for Democratic candidates even though the voter actually pressed the Republican slot. Tip of the iceburg for voter fraud? Maybe.

3. Back to the Ebola issue for a moment. One of the quarantined nurses is fighting her quarantine, threatening to sue the state if it is not lifted. An amazing stance for a health care worker and a professional. As I heard a commentator on Fox News say this afternoon, it's part of the overall malady infecting this generation. "Me first, and what I want. Screw you." That's the attitude on display in so many areas across our nation, and not just this. Selfishness has always been part of fallen humanity, but it's gone off the charts these days.

4. The Obama Administration continues to find ways to humiliate, insult, and compromise Israel—our most important ally in the Middle East. Because he refuses to cave into pressure to lay down and let terrorists have their way, some unnamed official in the Administration called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a "chickens**t." Excuse me? This stuffed shirt wouldn't know the meaning of courage if it bit him in the gluteus maximus. Despite protestations to the contrary, I think Obama and his ilk would be happy if the Muslims overran Israel and drove her into the sea. They profess public support, yet behind the scenes try to tie Israel's hands in fighting those who want to destroy her, and leak insulting remarks like this. If I were Netanyahu, I'd make a direct call to the Oval Office and do a little reaming of my own. Then hang up. The God of Israel will protect her, and woe be to the nation that turns its back. That does not mean an American government has to agree with everything an Israeli government does. But in the main, we must stand with Israel, her right to exist, and her right to the land. God will judge all who curse Israel. Go ahead and disbelieve that if you like. But it's biblical truth, and you will find out.

5. The country in general. The Democrats have dug this country into a hole so deep I don't know if we'll be able to extricate ourselves. If the GOP gains power, the steps they will have to take will be so severe that the uninformed, low-information electorate will blame them, then put the Democrats back in power. That plan has been long in place. And the GOP leadership seems clueless. The GOP keeps trying to treat conservatives in the party like nuisance relatives or crazy aunts/uncles in the attic. They can't win without us, but they don't want us having any voice in policy or nominees. They give us wishy-washy nominees like Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney, etc..and wonder why we lose. For conservatives who do win, the "moderates" end up voting with the Democrats when it counts, and that ensures the advance of the overall Democrat/leftist agenda. Two steps forward, one step back, two steps forward, one step back. It only appears to go backwards. In reality, the agenda advances.

I will never believe a true, movement conservative can't win. You find one who is smart, street-savvy, camera friendly, and fast on the cuff to respond to "gotcha" questions—one who can communicate and resonate at a gut level with Americans, and you'll have Reagan landslides.

Fixing the country also requires a deeper strategy than just winning elections. You've got to get conservatives in control of mainstream media, colleges, universities, primary and secondary education, newspapers, county boards, city councils, mayor's offices, and yes, COURTS. Both federal and state. Such courts need to take long-term, ridiculous principles such as "stare decisis" or "the decision stands," and throw out past rulings that are incompatible with our Constitution. Will undoing it all make a mess? Yes. But we'll have to endure a lot of mess to get things fixed. But from the ground up, the public needs to be educated. And a sense of self-reliance has to be infused into the American body politic, and to get people to see that receiving a government check puts them under the government yoke.

And that's just the way the leftists like it.

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