Monday, November 03, 2014

Devil's Island for Terrorists?

Hmmm. Reopen the notorious French prison colony known as "Devil's Island?" For Islamic terrorists. You can read about the proposal here at the London Daily Mail.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan is the politician who made the proposal, and it's causing a pretty big blowup. I am guessing that Devil's Island was much worse than the American Alcatraz Island off shore near San Francisco, but that can be argued at another time.

I find myself actually kind of liking the idea, although with some reservations. Our illustrious leader, Barack Obama, wants to close the U.S. detention center at Gitmo, even though we practically put the terrorists held there under eiderdown quilts. He would rather turn them loose than hold them accountable, and as predicted, a good number of the thugs have returned to the terrorist camp.

Mr. Dupont-Aignan insists that today's Devil's Island would be more humane. And this is where the devil is in the details, pun intended. Things must be done according to biblical principles as far as I am concerned, and even that proviso scares the godless left to death. They believe the lie that man is basically good, and therein lies the reason why all of their social ideas don't work. Regeneration through Christ is the key to reformed behavior, not environment. I believe in retributive justice. One ends up in prison as punishment, not for "correction." Correction comes only through a change in heart and attitude. If you don't want to end up in prison, don't be a criminal. Don't blow up airplanes, murder people, loot stores, burn homes down, rape people, steal money, and a host of other evils. It's really pretty simple. If you end up in prison, it's not going to be a pretty place to be.

I am not saying that excess in punishment is right. The punishment must always fit the crime, and there are always extenuating circumstances, and reasons to show mercy. That is one reason why only the wise ought to end up behind the judicial bench, and why "one size fits all" mandated sentences are not a good idea. But having said that, the current dominant idea behind criminal justice isn't working either. It's not working because it precedes from a mistaken premise.

I am not sure what the final answer ought to be. But it demands much more consideration and forethought than slogans and populist electioneering. And it demands a revisit of the ideas that have dominated criminal justice for years. AND it also demands a rethink of how the nation state conducts war. Not a war of conquest, but a war of defense. Even a war of defense demands victory, not compromise. The national standard used to be unconditional surrender. When we gave that up, we gave up making a final end of any conflict. The terrorists will continue their actions until the cost to commit the acts becomes too high. And with some of the more demonic driven, that will not be enough. That is when Romans 13 and the power of the government to bear the sword comes in.

Mull it over a while.

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