Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Holiness and Biblical Tension

Today, I want to throw a hat tip to Frank Turk over at the Pyromaniacs blog. Today, he posted this short article on holiness, which I think is worth reading and pondering.

There is something holiness is, and something it is not. Biblically, those who belong to Christ are holy (set apart), and we are to be holy in our behavior. But the process of sanctification is just that—a process. And in evangelical Christian circles, these terms tend to get mixed and jumbled around. A lot. We are NOT saved by works. Period. Most of us say that in affirmation of what the Bible teaches. But in practicum, we act—and what often comes out of our mouths—indicates that we may harbor another belief in our hearts. And that is somehow our works must contribute to our salvation, and if we fail to do them, or do them enough, that will "keep us out of heaven."

For the redeemed, our good works are a PRODUCT of our salvation and faith in Christ, not the cause of it. If we claim to be redeemed and live like unbelievers, it's safe to say that our salvation is probably not genuine, as no one truly born again and indwelt by the Holy Spirit would WANT to live life like that, in a way to grieve the Lord who purchased us with His own precious blood. But many seem unable to make the distinction in their understanding of salvation, grace, sanctification, imputed righteousness, etc.

Frank's article does a great job in helping to draw clear lines. I may add to it more here later on, as it's a very important subject to me in relating to my own loved ones who grew up in "holiness" circles. They say "saved by grace" but they're so focused on works that they cross the line into Pelagianism in practice. It's sad and it grieves the Lord. It diminishes the finished work of Christ on the cross. WE MUST get it right!

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