Monday, November 03, 2014

Obama is Who He Is. Get It?

As the mid-terms approach tomorrow, we'll see if my gut feeling proves true. I don't believe the hype about a GOP landslide. The reasons are many—voter fraud, media opposition, RINO/moderate/liberal opposition to conservative GOP/Tea Party candidates even to the point of quietly helping the Democrats—dubious polling results, GOP ineptitude on messaging, infighting, etc. I'm just not buying the "wave." I hope I am wrong.

The one thing I find beyond frustrating is the refusal of many Republicans/conservatives to peg Obama for exactly what he is. Barack Obama is by far the most ideological president we have had in the modern era. Most presidents are forced to compromise to get things done. Not Obama. He sees EVERYTHING through the prism of his ideology, and he is every bit as zealous on his ideology as a Cold-War era communist apparatchik or party leader. His ideology prevents him from compromise, no matter how much he blames the other party for intransigence and refusal to broker. The GOP has tried to compromise with Obama, only to be met with a brick wall. Again, no matter what he SAYS in public, what he actually DOES is the hallmark.

Obama is a socialist/Marxist who is trying to fundamentally change America. He won't admit to socialism or Marxism, but the "fundamental change" is direct out of his own mouth. Anyone with open eyes can research his background, his mentors, his own statements, etc. to see what the president ultimately believes. And unlike other presidents who have preceded him, Obama really DOES NOT CARE what the electorate thinks. He will do what he wants, and to Hades with everyone else.

The late Republican president Richard Nixon wrote a book called "Leaders." By far, it is Nixon's best, assessing his personal experiences with every national leader since World War II and even some before WW 2. It is his analysis of Nikita Khrushchev, Leonid Brezhnev, Zhou EnLai, and Mao Tse Tung that is the most incisive. In his section on China, Nixon said that his experience had shown him that among the communist nations/idealogues, it was usually the wife/female in leadership who was the most red hot, zealous, and intense. This London Independent account of Nixon's encounter with Jiang Qing—Mao's wife—is not verbatim or as powerful as Nixon's book description. But it's a perfect description of a zealot.

Obama is not female. Before camera, he is calm, cool, collected, unflappable, etc. Capable of charming a snake or a harpy. He sounds moderate, reasonable. But when you look at what he actually does, he is as intransigent as it's possible to be. I wish everyone would understand it and call him out on it. I wish the electorate would get it.

And that brings me to my main point. This election—should the GOP actually come out ahead—will really change nothing. Unless the Senate changes the rules to provide for majority passage, and unless both Houses of Congress can assemble veto-proof majorities, nothing will change. Obama doesn't care about the consequences or the well being of the country. He will have his way or nothing. Don't look for him to compromise at all. Instead, he will mount an ideological war on Republicans with the willing aid of the media. And 2016 may well end up with a Democratic sweep of all branches. The GOP will get the blame for trying to fix what this man has done. What Obama has done to the country may well be unfixable without willingness by all Americans to sacrifice and pinch the belt. This culture so used to government handouts and largesse will probably not be willing to give up their checks. FDR knew it. Obama knows it. And if they get by with it, America as we know it is finished.

Sorry to be so bleak, but that is how I see it. I hope I am wrong. Praying for a divine miracle, and national repentance. Praying big time.

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