Friday, November 14, 2014

Obama the Vengeful?

One of these days, I hope I have the time again to do some real writing on other subjects besides politics and global events. There are a lot of reflections on Scripture I'd love to do. However, that takes time, quiet, study—commodities of which I have very little these days.

On top of that, domestic events continue on their steady plunge to the abyss, and so I feel constrained to say what few in the media will, even conservative media, on the subject of Barack Obama.

Note: Before reading further, I must warn you. You'll see many of the same points I made in a post prior to the midterm elections. So be it. I think they are worth reiterating.

Most conservative talking heads and columnists repeat ad nauseum that Obama is naive, in over his head, lazy, feckless, etc. Even incompetent. They can't understand why, after receiving such a sound thrashing in the midterm elections, the president would poison the well by taking more "executive actions" (really, ruling by decree), and ignoring the Constitution. Amnesty for illegal immigration is the latest threat on which he'll follow through. The House will not impeach him, and even if they did, the Senate does not have the votes to convict. It would be a fruitless exercise. So he will do what he wants, knowing full well he's going to get away with it.

Most of the Democrats—having seemingly flushed their love of country and respect for the Constitution and intent of our Founders out the window for political gain, cheer loudly. (Note, if it was a Republican president doing this, they'd be calling for the electric chair) If I were them, I would think about it all again. This may well come back to bite them hard if enough of the country gets sufficiently enfuriated, and if other media outlets can pierce the Goebbels-like walls of protection the mainstream media have erected around Obama. You'd think the Gruber comments over health care (the stupid American voter) would cause a firestorm. They might have if the other networks reported on it. They're sweeping it under the rug.

All this said, conservatives and Republicans—get this. Now. Obama is not naive. He is not stupid. He is not incompetent. He is not in over his head. He knows exactly, precisely what he's doing. If you want to sum up the Obama presidency in one word, it is this: REVENGE!!!

He said from the very beginning that he intended to transform this country. He is. He is tearing apart what remains of our Founding Fathers' vision and historic American individualistic ethos stone by stone, brick by brick. Behind that shiny bright smile is loathing. He detests this country and its way of life. It's a mixture of the radical Marxism he picked up in his youth, and the resentment of the Third World for America's progress and abundance. He's heard from childhood upward that America is the cause of the world's problems, and too big for its britches. He intends to take it down a peg, and then some. He is intentionally creating so much havoc that it will be difficult if not impossible to fix what he's done. I pray for a divine miracle, but until the country at large repents, I don't see that happening soon.

That last point should not be ignored. When you have half, if not more, of the country enthralled by and dependent on the entitlement benefits they receive (and the Democrats know it), fixing the situation would require brute force. When you have a country descending into further and further unrighteousness in behavior, attitude, lewdness, vulgarity, selfishness, greed, hate, violence, Balkanization, and a host of other ills, the only outcome possible is a complete, total collapse. God still judges nations as well as individuals. His "Spirit will not always strive with man." Sooner or later, He says "Enough." We as a nation have built up a host of consequences, and the we will have to drink the cup of wine we made.

Is it too late? It may be. I pray not. And a whole lot of other people had better begin praying too.

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