Monday, November 24, 2014

Predictable Deterioration

For today's post, I must give a hat tip to Dan Phillips over at the Pyromaniacs blog for making me aware of Doug Wilson excellent post examining some recent writings by Greg Boyd. If you remember, Boyd is known for embracing what is called "Open Theism," which is basically a denial of God's omniscience.

I've commented on Open Theism before, along with "Moral Government of God" theology, which pretty much embraces the same idea. As Doug's sharp rebuke shows, once you embrace such theology, the rest of your theology eventually travels on a downward spiral. It is amazing that Boyd could come up with the conclusion that Jesus believed that the Old Testament prophets' actions were evil. Simply amazing.

But that is what taking on a low view of Scripture does to you. A low view of Scripture leads to a low view of God, and a low view of God leads to worse heresy over time. Sad stuff. 

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