Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tiresome "Protests"

Before I comment, please read this news article from the Daily Caller about a group of young enviro-activists upset about the controversial Keystone Pipeline.

You'll note that I used the term "tiresome" in today's post title, and yesterday's post title. (And yes, before some wiseacre says it, you can call my blog tiresome if you like. Change the channel (smile). It seems like most things are tiresome to me these days. I am getting more cynical in age, and that may or may not be a good thing.

I've said it before, but I'll restate it. I am an environmentalist, although I hope and pray a rational one. I have to care about the environment because it's God's creation, and He charged mankind with being stewards of His creation. And we've done a pretty bad job of it in many cases. The pollution began with the Fall of Man, and creation will not be restored to its pre-Fall condition until the Millennial Reign. After that, we get a new Heaven and a new Earth. In the meantime, we try.

Having said that, I draw a distinction between true environmental stewardship, and faux-environmental activists who use concern over the environment to mask their real objective—larger and more intrusive, controlling government demanding more and more of your hard-earned money. There are also young skulls full of mush who find protesting something to be "cool," so they do it, without really understanding the issues about which they're carrying those signs and staging those sit ins.

All of this hoo-hah about the consequences of the Keystone Pipeline is just that. Hoo-hah. The Alaska Pipeline was just as controversial in its day, and rather than be a detriment to wildlife, its impact was negligible. But that seems to be a forgotten matter.

We say we want to get off dependency on Middle East oil. But we throw every roadblock in the way that we can to get off Middle-East oil. Never mind energy independence. Never mind thousands of new, good paying jobs for people who urgently need them. It would be interesting to me to conduct an experiment with the protesters, and see how long they'd put up with having to ride a bicycle or walk everywhere they go. We can let them use the railroad, but let's require them to use the old pump handle railcar. Elbow grease, not petroleum. Take away their phones, iPads, iPods, and other devices. No airplanes. (That includes Al Gore and his expensive jets, and the limousines that the high-profile, outspoken enviro-celebrities like to use in traveling around). Take away their televisions and everything else. Let 'em get back to nature and wear fig leaves. But no, they want that for us. I doubt if they want to change their lifestyle all that much except for a bit of recycling.

I am being a bit mocking and tongue-in-cheek, admittedly. But some of my annoyance has been ginned up through the years by some of the extremists (yes, extremists) on the wacko fringe who would prefer that more people die so "Mother Earth" can survive. Most of them on that fringe won't come out and say it that bluntly, but read between the lines and you can see they think that too many people are the problem. God told us to "be fruitful and multiply." I think the Creator knows what His planet can sustain better than they do. And I'll pass over the global warming nonsense, which I think has been pretty credibly shredded as time goes on. But never fear. It doesn't matter. When global warming/climate change is no longer a sustainable (pun intended) enterprise, they'll come up with another crisis that demands crisis action at the expense of our freedom and way of life.

Have industries and individuals polluted? Sure they have. When industries and individuals are caught truly polluting the environment, hold them accountable by all means. But a lot of progress has been made cleaning things up. More remains to be done, but I'm encouraged rather than discouraged. People who run industries and businesses have to breathe and eat too. Do you really think the people who run industries, farms, and businesses want to breathe poisoned air, eat poisoned food, and drink poisoned water? I think I can tell you that the majority do not. Yes, there will always be the thoughtless exceptions and "evil" corporations. They will be held accountable here on earth hopefully, and certainly in the higher court of Heaven.

In the end, let's be good stewards and protect the environment. But make abundantly sure that's REALLY what is happening, and that you're not supporting a Trojan Horse with another agenda in mind.

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