Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tragic Irony in Ferguson

As the Ferguson story has been covered to death, I only have brief comment on it. Last night, as the grand jury verdict was being released, TV news networks were showing live video on the ground. The scene to the right was something I caught immediately, only the particular video I saw had tear gas canisters being fired down the street with the holiday banner overhead.

Right after I saw this, I tweeted out an observation - both to my own followers' list as well as to a few folks in the media. The observation was stating the obvious—what a sad irony to have "Season's Greetings" glowing brightly with rioting and tear gas being fired in the background. Could anything possibly illustrate the sad situation in our country than this awful, sick image?

I can fault plenty of folks in this situation. The rioters, the media, politicians, the New Black Panthers, agitators, and the other usual suspects. However, I have to save the bulk of my ire for a few so-called "Reverends." Instead of preaching the Gospel, ministering the love of Christ, and calling for peace, they threw gasoline on the fire. Al Sharpton tops the list (no surprise there) but there are others. Loud mouths calling for everything but peace, healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

The Bible tells ministers of the Gospel that they will be held accountable by the Master. That ought to sober anyone who prefixes their name with "Reverend." Jesus said, "Blessed are the peacemakers." Some of these "clergy" fall very far short in being peacemakers. And the Lord will indeed hold them accountable.

In the meantime, and as usual, pray for national repentance. The clock is ticking.

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