Saturday, December 06, 2014

Hillary: Empathy for Terrorists?

Looks like Hillary's at it again, making a gaffe that—temporarily at least—has the attention of some of the media. In a recent appearance, she said that "smart power" involves "empathizing" with America's enemies. You can read more about it here.

Let me settle this one from a theological perspective at the outset. This is one more example that political candidates probably should cease and desist from sounding like pastors. Most of them don't know theology from a hole in the ground. Of course, in this case, Hillary really is only reciting the basic liberal boilerplate that stems from their most fatal flaw—a belief that man is basically good. That is totally opposite from the biblical worldview that man is a fallen being in need of redemption from his sin. They think that the evils of the world stem from bad environment, lack of opportunities, not enough government spending, lack of equality, yada yada. No, the evils of the world stem from sin, and that only has ONE remedy. The Gospel. But we can't talk about that, can we?

When the Lord Jesus said to "love your enemies," he meant as individuals interacting with other individuals, and in the sense of wishing (and praying) for their ultimate good. If they are hungry and have need, feed them, etc. It has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with a national government dealing with those who do evil, whether it's through criminal activity or an attacking military power—or a terrorist group. Romans 13 is a definitive passage of Scripture on this subject, and it makes clear that the state bears the sword for a reason. That is to restrain evildoers.

We don't need to "empathize" with attackers and killers. We need to restrain them and stop them, and if that means killing them to protect the public, so be it. That is the duty of the governments we the people elect. Whoever holds the presidency of the United States needs to understand that distinction. In Hillary's case, she's a pretty effective chameleon who will say what she needs to say.

One more thing. Don't believe those who say such statements sound the death knell for a Hillary presidential run or victory. When a country is under judgment, anything can happen. The nation has embraced sin whole hog, and it gets worse every day. The nation has embraced the notion of entitlement, and any politician of either party who feeds the entitlement trough will get elected. It cannot go on that way indefinitely, and we're about to find that out rather painfully.

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