Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Two Perspectives on America's Health Debacle

If you weren't enraged enough over Obamacare (and actually, we should have been enraged long before it), I want you to read two interesting perspectives.

First, we have this from U.S. News. It speaks to Americans furious that the government is meddling in their health care. I kind of side with them.
Next, we have this opposite perspective from the London Guardian. The Guardian leans left politically. But the two opposite perspectives are very, very illustrative.

While I said that I sided with those in the U.S. news article protesting Obamacare, there is one proviso. It's becoming more and more clear as time goes on (to me anyway) that the place needing reform and reining in the most is the insurance industry. They've made billions on health care through the years, along with a legal industry that makes enormous money through lawsuits of doctors, pharmaceutical companies, etc. We all know how Obamacare was sold to the public, and it seems like insurance companies stood the most to gain. Many political pundits saw Obamacare as the first step to totally socialized medicine, and it may well be. But for now, the insurance companies can really clean up.

It never used to be this complicated, or this expensive. Going to the doctor and getting a prescription (or treatment) was a fairly simple procedure (pun intended). The bill certainly had to get paid, but the bills were no where near as high. And there's a reason they're so high now. A lot of people are in cahoots to milk as much money as they can out of whatever system that exists, governmental or private. And we the people are caught in the sights. Your healthcare is paramount, and when your life depends on it, what will you do? They have you over a barrel and they know it.

What it will take to solve it in this fallen world is beyond me. I just wish they'd leave me and my doctor alone.

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