Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hitler the Evil, Ungrateful "Artist"

Must be something in the air. The Obama Administration barely conceals its contempt for Israel, our closest ally in the Middle East. Argentina uncovers an old Nazi lair intended to hide ex-German officials after World War II (many ex-Nazi regime members fled to South America).

And now we have a Hitler watercolor on sale. Yep. You can read it right here. I suppose from an artist standpoint, it's not bad. Average still life watercolor. I can see it being a conversation piece and understand why it would be worth money to some. As for me, I wouldn't even want the thing in my house.

To me, the most ironic evil part of the story is the fact that a Jewish art broker tried to help the young Hitler sell his art. What did he get for his kindness? His art gallery was taken over and the broker deported to a ghetto, where he died. Par for the course.

But thank God, there is justice in eternity.

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