Thursday, March 12, 2015

Persecution in Central Asia

I forget at the moment who said it, but there's an old quote along the line of "If sin wasn't so deadly, it would be comical."

Considering several of the former Soviet nations in Central Asia, it's not hard to have that line come to mind frequently because of the serious persecution of Christians there. And the persecution is so mindless. Stupid even. And for why?

Pictured to the right is the country of Turkmenistan, considered perhaps the most restrictive nation in Central Asia when it comes to Christianity. Although the country's constitution and basic law claims religious freedom and adherence to human rights, in reality these claims are farcical. I want you to read this account published in Forum 18. A Turkmen believer describes some of the endless harassment faced by churches and individual believers there.
Considering the genuine criminals running around like drug dealers, murderers, and the like, doesn't the government have anything better to do with its time? Perhaps, if they are really concerned about social ills, they might consider being supportive of the church instead of hassling it to death. They might be surprised at how things in the country will improve.

Of course, I'm being somewhat rhetorical. We know from God's Word that Satan hates the Lord Jesus and His church. We know that the world hates Jesus Christ, and Jesus Himself warned that His followers would be hated because they hated Him first. I know it. But it still frosts me.

It's so, so very stupid.


Zac Dredge said...

I didn't read the whole thing, but I did want to commend whoever wrote it for their sheer humility and courage. Not at all the reaction I was expecting...

Solameanie said...

Forum 18 does a great job monitoring religious freedom situations around the globe.