Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Sad Day for America AND Israel

I'd like you to have a look at this article in Newsmax about the relationship between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. While I, as a journalist, would be reluctant to use words like "hate" unless I knew the hearts of both gentleman, I think the article does a service in highlighting the awful state of relations between the current Administration and our closest ally in the Middle East.

I've always said on this blog, on the air, and in personal discussions that my support of Israel did not mean that I have agreed with everything done by an Israeli government, whether headed by Likud or Labour. But my support for Israel as a nation, her people, and her right to exist is unwavering. The main reason is biblical and theological, but right up there with theology is basic Western values.

While I am always an eternal optimist, I am a temporal pessimist. I do not know if America will ever be able to recover from the damage the Obama Administration has done to the country. But the Obama Administration would never have been able to get in office to do the damage if the country was not already ailing in the spiritual department. We can partially blame a compliant, sycophantic media for not vetting Obama in the first election. But we also have to blame ourselves for being complacent, inattentive, apathetic, lazy citizens. We have to blame ourselves for not remembering the country's founding principles and passing them on to our children. We have to blame ourselves for not keeping an eagle eye on the educational establishment—from primary and secondary education all the way through to college, university, and graduate school. We have to blame ourselves for letting television, radio stations, and newspapers fall into the hands of those who do not have this country's best interests at heart.

We have to blame many pastors and churches for abandoning sound doctrine as taught in the Word of God. That is central. We have become worse than Laodicean. It's a crying shame, and the bill is about to be paid in full.

Unless we humble ourselves and pray. Then, it is possible God will heal and restore our land. But my hope for that, quite frankly, isn't high. Sooner or later the cup of iniquity runs over and the Lord has to get the rod of judgment out.

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