Monday, April 20, 2015

Nailing "Westboro" Biblically . . . Between the Eyes

Today's post is one that I am pleased as punch to share with you. It comes via our friends at the Cripplegate blog, and it is one of the best, biblical responses to the aberrant Westboro "Baptist" Church—the late Fred Phelps' bunch.

I have written about the Westboro crowd before, and the abysmal witness they're being for the Lord they claim to serve. But Jesse Johnson posted the following commentary, along with a short, great video message delivered with the Westboro protesters in the background. In both, you will see the true message of Christ sharply contrasted with the virulent hate of the Westboro clan.

So, please check this out. Pass it along. And yes, pray for this misguided family who in reality are serving as agents of Satan in bringing shame on the true Gospel and the body of Christ.

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