Monday, July 13, 2015

Please Pray for Joey Feek

I was grieved last week to hear the news that Joey Feek—one half of the husband/wife country and Gospel duo Joey and Rory—had to undergo about 10 hours of surgery for a reoccurrence of cervical cancer. It was classed as Stage 4. While the surgeon is optimistic and believes he got most of the tumor, Joey is still in for a long, hard ordeal with chemo and radiation.

You can listen to this brief little hymn clip that Joey sang shortly before they wheeled her in for surgery. This is such a special couple to me. Their love for one another and the Lord is so evident. Please join me in praying that our miracle-working God will touch Joey and heal her completely from this cancer. Pray for Rory and the family as they walk with Joey through this ordeal. And may the Lord be glorified.

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