Friday, October 23, 2015

Welcoming Back The Zombies!

My blog hiatus (unintentional) is being interrupted today to send high praise to the reunited 1960s group, "The Zombies."

It's very rare that a band comes back together after 50 years, and receives the kind of ovation they have been getting. But it's deserved. Bandleaders Colin Blunstone (vocals), keyboardist Rod Argent (keyboards, backing vocals, and primary writer) and their bandmates have a new album called "Still Got That Hunger." It was a crowd funding project, so you know the fans have been clamoring. The band delivered, and despite their ages, the guys sound like they did in 1968 - the date of their last huge hit, "Time of the Season." They brought their A game.

I have been listening to it all week, and it's rare that a new album gives me this kind of pleasure. The music is classic baroque pop. The music is upbeat, positive, and even joyful at times. That in and of itself is a rarity and a reason to buy it, considering the negative stuff being put out by the industry these days. The band's performances and vocals are fantastic, and if radio does the SMART thing, they'll get behind it.

You can get a taste of the album here at the Rolling Stone, and it is available via Amazon and I think the band's website. My radio broadcaster ear picks Blunstone's "Now I Know I'll Never Get Over You" as the radio ear candy single, but the musician side of me picks Rod Argent's "Chasing the Past" because of it's wonderful jazzy piano, unique melody, wistful lyrics, etc. I'm really, really liking it. I think you will too.