Sunday, January 10, 2016

Conservatives Beware of Trump

Taking my personal political hat off for the moment and putting on the objective analytical. And I'll probably shock my fellow conservatives for being critical of Fox News Channel, but I call it like I see it.
I find it curious that FNC head Roger Ailes and several FNC commentators have expressed alarm over Donald Trump. Why do I find it curious? I'm glad you asked!
In my humble opinion, Trump's candidacy is nearly entirely a Fox News promoted creation. I have a memory, folks. For several years - before this political silly season ever started - Donald Trump was a guest every Monday morning on Fox & Friends to opine on the deep things of the universe. He was also a frequent guest on Greta Van Susteren's show at night (Greta is or was a registered Democrat, BTW). The Donald has gotten A LOT of airtime through the years.
When the political season got closer, the talking heads interviewing him began asking him about the presidency and eventually the question, "Donald, are you going to run? Donald, why don't you run?" Yada yada. So he finally tosses his hat in the ring and if you believe the polls, he's running away with the ship. And now the FNC folks find it alarming? Come on. Seriously?
I know many of my friends - people I love and respect - are on board with Donald and are backing him. That does not change my love and respect for you. You have the right to back whomever you like. But I spent years in the media watching and covering this stuff. I've been a news and politics junkie for decades. Donald is running himself as the savior of the Republican Party and the conservative movement. I do not believe that he is. He is a chameleon. A very gifted chameleon who knows how to play the media game, but a chameleon nonetheless. His "conversion" to conservative principles has come all too recent for my comfort level. I honestly believe that A: if he wins the GOP primary, Hillary Clinton will be the next president, and B: if he wins the presidency, he will deeply disappoint the conservatives who trusted him and voted for him. He is NOT a movement conservative.
One other thought - for those thinking Hillary Clinton might be forced out of the race over her emails, Benghazi, or any other skeletons? Forget it. Not happening. Attorney General Loretta Lynch will never indict Hillary, even if the FBI steps forward and says she ought to be indicted. Remember the Clinton machine has long tentacles, and they are very adept at collecting compromising material on their opponents/would-be opponents.
I do hope and pray Election 2016 has a better outcome than the grim one I expect. That can happen if we as a nation obey Chronicles and repent.

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