Wednesday, August 30, 2017

May L. Vinson Griffith Williams (1923-2017)

It's been more than a year since I posted on this blog. In June 2016, my dear mother was in the hospital after breaking her hip. My family celebrated her 93rd birthday in the hospital with her. It would be the last time we'd celebrate her birthday, as her hip break (as happens so frequently with the elderly) basically threw gasoline on what had only been mild dementia and the beginnings of congestive heart failure. I may tell the whole story here later, but the long and short of it is that Momma went to be with the Lord May 2, 2017, after putting up a valiant battle. We held her memorial service later in June after her burial in Arkansas.

I had the blessing of having Momma with me for 16 years, and the privilege of taking care of her myself until the last four months when it became medically and physically impossible. I've been too busy at my work to really process her passing properly, and I'm really still in the grief process albeit bypassing some of the "steps." I know Momma is with the Lord and that provides great comfort.

Now that the long walk is over, I hope to begin returning to blogging more regularly. It's probable that I will focus more on spiritual issues than commenting on the events of the day. I'm not even sure how many readers I have left after such a long drought. Oh well. Whether I'm read or not, even the process of writing again is therapeutic. I appreciate those who have been praying for us. More than words can say.