Friday, July 09, 2021

What is the Sunday Assembly For?

I've been meaning to post on this subject for some time but keep getting sidetracked. My thoughts have been gelling for quite a while after years of pondering and observation, so here goes. 

Churches have a whole host of ways to fall into error, and no generation of believers is immune. The common denominator is that either a low view of Scripture comes into play, or other factors override the clear teaching of Scripture. 

I think modern evangelical churches fall into the latter, and the trend is driven by what I think is a false view of what the worship service is for. Why do we as believers gather together on a Sunday morning (or whatever day) in that church building? Or better yet, why are we SUPPOSED to do it? We know of one vital reason—we are commanded by the Lord not to forsake assembling together. But there's more. 

The gathering of the saints has three primary purposes. First, to worship the Lord. Second, to learn the Word of God. And third is to be equipped for the work of the ministry. Evangelism and outreach is NOT the primary thing that is supposed to happen. The worship service (and Bible study opportunities afterward) is primarily for believers. When believers are fed, taught, and equipped, they then go out into the world to make disciples. The idea should never be that we pay the pastor a salary so we can sit on the pews and let him do all the work. 

To be sure, nothing prohibits an evangelistic message—the Gospel being proclaimed to unbelievers present, and even believers need reminders of the power/purpose of the Gospel in their own lives. But it is not the primary purpose for believers' worship services, and should not be. If reaching unbelievers becomes the chief aim of the worship service, then milk is delivered from the pulpit and believers don't get fed solid food. 

There is another problem. Churches invariably fall into the trap of having to "market" their services to the unbeliever, feeling they have to gear everything to appeal to the whims and tastes of the culture. Unvarnished biblical truth begins to take a back seat because of fears that the unbeliever will get driven away if things get too convicting. It isn't long then until doctrinal compromise if not apostasy sets in. And at that point, you might as well shut the lights off, lock the door, and go home. 

When the Word of God is faithfully taught and preached, the Holy Spirit will act on His Word and do what only He can do—draw unbelievers to Himself and bring them into saving faith. 

The sooner we realize that and get off of the entertainment/marketing bandwagon, the better. Maybe the church will then be the salt and light to the culture as it was intended to be and begin making an eternal difference in many lives. 

Friday, April 30, 2021

The Theological Rot Continues

I am going to have to give up reading the Christian Post. I know they keep their thumb on what is going on in the church world, but they also give publicity to things that ought to be shamed. 

I think the story below is a case in point.


Friday, June 19, 2020

Beware of "Kafkatrapping!"

Until today, I had never heard of the term "Kafkatrapping," although I have certainly heard of the late dystopian author Franz Kafka.

Given these strange times in which we live, I would strongly recommend that you read this article on the subject.

I may have to watch the old movie "The Trial" - TCM plays it every now and then.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Holding On in the SBC

The Christian Post is an odd mix of viewpoints to be sure, and they have more than a few stories on there that I never would have run. That said, this article in the Christian Post is worth the read.

The Southern Baptist Convention had a conservative resurgence beginning in the late 1970s, and that brought more liberal folks into what they called the "Cooperative Baptist Fellowship," while remaining officially in the SBC. This seems to be doing the same thing on the conservative end of the spectrum.

While we are in this life, the battle over biblical fidelity will not end. One battle ends, and another begins. But we must hold on to truth regardless, and not compromise the Gospel with politics.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

A Musician's Prayer

Let's see - 2018 was the last post. Now it's 2020. Blowing the dust off my blog may take some time. *Cough*

Anyway, I discovered this wonderful little piece of art on a social media site, and had to put it up here. It's a prayer for Christian musicians, and judging from the composition, it largely seems intended for those who play in church worship settings or Christian concerts. However, if you take the viewpoint of a believer's entire life, work, etc. being for the purpose of glorifying God, then a Christian who happens to be a secular musician could well offer up a version of it too.

At any rate, it blessed me and I hope it blesses you!